A miss...


"Are you sure this is for the best, Neko?"
"It is if you want them to actually learn what is actually happening. It's because of them rushing and driving head long did this happen. If they'd realize to slow down and just grow into their power, they'd be fine. Now, are *you* sure this is what you want them to do, Gabriel?"

Gabriel looks into the pool and sees how things are now. He sees the dangers and what they have awoken in 15 years worth of "power-leveling" themselves. He looks at himself as well as Neko. No longer what they once were even on the playing field. Gabriel softly speaks,

"Let it be done, Neko. Let it be done."


As if a choir singing a tune that seems to happen on a cosmic and universal level. A tune that you cannot hear, but unmistakably cannot deny. It seems to unravel and mend. Slowly building and stretching. Almost as if to fill your mind and then ...


You awaken. Your entire flesh seems to crawl a bit. You look at yourself and you seem to be younger ... you can't tell for sure because of the dingy lighting. Something just does seem right. It's almost as if the air itself were alive.


... For more on this, contact your local Carlos ...

ok guys, can we PLEASE get this shit rolling!

I love you guys... I do...
but the past two weeks I've been getting ansy about SMD...
carlos gave me a "cut scene"/dream sequence... and I would like to share my info... IN GAME!!!!

I understand that there were dire situations to which anybody couldn't make it...
I know about dire... hell I was ready to call bri-pie on saturday and tell him I couldn't tech if game was going to run...
so please be healthy, take care of yourselves and for the love of gods please be punctual!
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... The look of Saint Gabriel ...


Saint Gabriel
Description for Each Knight Level

Level .................... Description
0 (Base) .............. He stands at 5’9” with brown, wavy hair to his shoulders. His eyes are rich and deep like that of a dark chocolate. Where he once was a bit over weight, now, he is built … cut, ripped, yet flexible. He wears a well-trimmed beard and mustache upon his face. On his forehead, when he is not wearing a bandana to hide it, is a Black Star like that of the Imperial Conditioning from Dune. He wears loose fitting Blue Jeans, a Black shirt, a pair of Black Doc Martins, and a Greenish Gray Flannel … if it is hot, he wears it around his waist. Around his neck, he wears a Tiger Medallion ... upon the black silk cord are different colored crystals.

1 ..................... With a bit of the swirling of shadows, Anthony changes. As the shadows pull back, he now stands at 6’ … Starting from the bottom up, he is now wearing Black Riding Boots that flip down giving it that of Pirate look. Etched into the boots are mystical runes that seem to glow grey. His Pants are that of Padded Leather and look quite comfortable. Over his torso, are what looks to be, small, white dragon scales with black outlining each scale. It goes over his torso and down his arms. On his right hand is a black riding glove. On his left hand is a gauntlet that is white in color with Angelic Script done in black. It seems almost scaled like that of a dragon as well. On the back of the Gauntlet is a Reddish Black Stone, like that of a Dragon’s Eye … in the center of the gem is actually a skull. In times of need, the user can make a strip of metal spins out, and around to form a shield to protect the owner. Over this is a charcoal grey duster. It is outlined in white and comes down to the feet. Inside the trim, when you look close are skulls. His hair is now straight and goes down to his waist. It is completely pulled back into a ponytail. As a part of the new look, He now has a nose ring of a small skull on his left nostril. Connected to the Skull is a chain that links over to the earring in his left ear, which is also that of a skull. It seems to be very Bejourin (Star Trek) in style. His eyes seem to almost be glowing black with power ... almost as if black lightning or flames were licking from them. What is strange is that He seems to be more attractive in this form and not very recognizable from his base form. The star on his forehead seems to have grown even darker and filled in. It is about the size of a half dollar.
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[Sailor Moon] ... A question for all ...


I have a few questions. This goes out to all those who are on my filters as well as on the SMD community. I just hope that you guys read and answer:

01. Does anyone have the list of songs from Season 1 & 3 anymore? I am trying to put together the music and I need to know the songs. Make sure you divide them up so I know which is which. Please??

02. Los is trying to get a permanent day together for us to play. I have talked to him and he is still interested in trying, but he believes others are not. Old & new ... Are you interested??

03. What is the most memorable scene, action or line from the games? Yes ... you can do multiple ones if you wish.


I hope to hear from you all.
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some points of intruige

Where do i begin, life has sure taken some of the most interesting turns these past 10 years. i can only really blame this all on anthony and DoC. its all their fault. i was at my house, bored outta my mind then they had to go and call me up. send over the most arrogant pain in the ass chinc i've ever met who broke down my door, black jacked me, hooded and bound me, tossed me into the back of car with the case of guiness and then dropped me off like some care package in a house out in the middle of no where surrounded by Yakuza. Thats not even where the story begins. im on a plane to some island in the south pacific and we get shot down by a fucking missle, as were on a collision course with solid ground and boom i explode with this unbridaled will to survive and a calm blue light appears around me and suddenly im a fucking knight with no idea what im doing.

thats where it began.

here i am 12 years later, i've spent 10 years under the tutaledge of a vampire. i've acquired the aid and ally of dozens if not hundreds of spirits, i've almost mastered my flesh and my soul able to transmute into almost any substance imagineable and im able to controll and meld with spirits.

we've lost quite a few friends and loved ones along the way and we've picked up...a well hoarde of others to join the fight, honestly i dont think many of us will survive.

now its Anthony, DoC, Myself, Alex, Brian, Usagi, Loki (no suprise there), Ashley...yeah...didnt see that one coming, chris warren the wolf sure there are others.

i wouldnt mind standing next to any one of them in battle, we need more medics. more later.

"The Spirit Song Knight....."

the viens are calling for more game!

"a look into me in ten years"

after the many things that have happened... getting my powers, losing my powers, finding my past, meeting a kindred spirit and true love... fighting horrible things, helping people trying to save the world time and again and having died twice... you'd think I'd have kept a much more level head then.... but I didn't... I was affraid.... I ran away... I didn't want to tell anyone... so I took a bus to a new place... but I don't remember much of it... I remember why I came... but I don't remember where I was... all of it was just one huge blank... and then several months later I wake up in the arms of my friends... after they took me home I was in tears... I just continuously cried... and I don't know why... then I started typing out our story into a form of a script... it was wonderful... but I knew studios wouldn't take it unless I made another movie... so I took a crap script I'd written for a class and sold it and was offered to direct it... from there I became known and was able to get people to sign on to my project... I wanted to show the world what had happened to us... but thanks to producers that vision became obscured... I got actors that were too famous... I had to cut characters out completely... and some of the story had to be changed for time restraints.... that's film for ya... but it was the biggest blockbuster since spider-man 3... no one in the history of film making made that much.... so I built my house and lived alone... I practiced my powers... just so I made sure I always had them... I had a few servants that were very loyal... and then as a project I teamed up with my mentor to create a short lived tv series... I still don't know why one of my actors went crazy and killed the rest of the cast... it left such a huge black mark on me... the press had a field day with it... but made up for it on dvd sales...

I still keep in contact with most of the group... and even a few new friends... it's weird how you can tell certain people hold power... and you keep close to them for nostalgia... but for the most part I only see some of the group once a year... since I was famous enough to meet ann rice, I was invited to her halloween ball each year... and that's how I saw them....

my heart has grown colder... I miss him... but he never makes any attempt to see me and I have no clue as to where to start looking for him... but there's something else... my loneliness... it's triggered by something else and I don't know what it is... it's like my heart feels very empty... like I lost something very precious to me...

my drinking problems have gotten better... brad pitt introduce me to a good rehab... I spent a month in there and I did get better... I was lucky to avoid the press on that perspective... though they did write a lot on our non existant relationship... he was a loyal friend... but nothing worthy of curing my loneliness...

it's been ten years... growing colder and more lonely... but it's time again for the masquerade to begin...
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is it me...

or should other people that were in this game should totally be notified of this group... that way... each of us can record our own perspective of this story...

"the time is sooooooooon"
::my locket is going off in the background::