Aystyn (aystyn) wrote in sailormoondark,

some points of intruige

Where do i begin, life has sure taken some of the most interesting turns these past 10 years. i can only really blame this all on anthony and DoC. its all their fault. i was at my house, bored outta my mind then they had to go and call me up. send over the most arrogant pain in the ass chinc i've ever met who broke down my door, black jacked me, hooded and bound me, tossed me into the back of car with the case of guiness and then dropped me off like some care package in a house out in the middle of no where surrounded by Yakuza. Thats not even where the story begins. im on a plane to some island in the south pacific and we get shot down by a fucking missle, as were on a collision course with solid ground and boom i explode with this unbridaled will to survive and a calm blue light appears around me and suddenly im a fucking knight with no idea what im doing.

thats where it began.

here i am 12 years later, i've spent 10 years under the tutaledge of a vampire. i've acquired the aid and ally of dozens if not hundreds of spirits, i've almost mastered my flesh and my soul able to transmute into almost any substance imagineable and im able to controll and meld with spirits.

we've lost quite a few friends and loved ones along the way and we've picked up...a well hoarde of others to join the fight, honestly i dont think many of us will survive.

now its Anthony, DoC, Myself, Alex, Brian, Usagi, Loki (no suprise there), Ashley...yeah...didnt see that one coming, chris warren the wolf himself..im sure there are others.

i wouldnt mind standing next to any one of them in battle, we need more medics. more later.

"The Spirit Song Knight....."
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