Anthony (stgabriel) wrote in sailormoondark,

[Sailor Moon] ... A question for all ...


I have a few questions. This goes out to all those who are on my filters as well as on the SMD community. I just hope that you guys read and answer:

01. Does anyone have the list of songs from Season 1 & 3 anymore? I am trying to put together the music and I need to know the songs. Make sure you divide them up so I know which is which. Please??

02. Los is trying to get a permanent day together for us to play. I have talked to him and he is still interested in trying, but he believes others are not. Old & new ... Are you interested??

03. What is the most memorable scene, action or line from the games? Yes ... you can do multiple ones if you wish.


I hope to hear from you all.
Tags: smd
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