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... The look of Saint Gabriel ...


Saint Gabriel
Description for Each Knight Level

Level .................... Description
0 (Base) .............. He stands at 5’9” with brown, wavy hair to his shoulders. His eyes are rich and deep like that of a dark chocolate. Where he once was a bit over weight, now, he is built … cut, ripped, yet flexible. He wears a well-trimmed beard and mustache upon his face. On his forehead, when he is not wearing a bandana to hide it, is a Black Star like that of the Imperial Conditioning from Dune. He wears loose fitting Blue Jeans, a Black shirt, a pair of Black Doc Martins, and a Greenish Gray Flannel … if it is hot, he wears it around his waist. Around his neck, he wears a Tiger Medallion ... upon the black silk cord are different colored crystals.

1 ..................... With a bit of the swirling of shadows, Anthony changes. As the shadows pull back, he now stands at 6’ … Starting from the bottom up, he is now wearing Black Riding Boots that flip down giving it that of Pirate look. Etched into the boots are mystical runes that seem to glow grey. His Pants are that of Padded Leather and look quite comfortable. Over his torso, are what looks to be, small, white dragon scales with black outlining each scale. It goes over his torso and down his arms. On his right hand is a black riding glove. On his left hand is a gauntlet that is white in color with Angelic Script done in black. It seems almost scaled like that of a dragon as well. On the back of the Gauntlet is a Reddish Black Stone, like that of a Dragon’s Eye … in the center of the gem is actually a skull. In times of need, the user can make a strip of metal spins out, and around to form a shield to protect the owner. Over this is a charcoal grey duster. It is outlined in white and comes down to the feet. Inside the trim, when you look close are skulls. His hair is now straight and goes down to his waist. It is completely pulled back into a ponytail. As a part of the new look, He now has a nose ring of a small skull on his left nostril. Connected to the Skull is a chain that links over to the earring in his left ear, which is also that of a skull. It seems to be very Bejourin (Star Trek) in style. His eyes seem to almost be glowing black with power ... almost as if black lightning or flames were licking from them. What is strange is that He seems to be more attractive in this form and not very recognizable from his base form. The star on his forehead seems to have grown even darker and filled in. It is about the size of a half dollar.
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