Anthony (stgabriel) wrote in sailormoondark,

A miss...


"Are you sure this is for the best, Neko?"
"It is if you want them to actually learn what is actually happening. It's because of them rushing and driving head long did this happen. If they'd realize to slow down and just grow into their power, they'd be fine. Now, are *you* sure this is what you want them to do, Gabriel?"

Gabriel looks into the pool and sees how things are now. He sees the dangers and what they have awoken in 15 years worth of "power-leveling" themselves. He looks at himself as well as Neko. No longer what they once were even on the playing field. Gabriel softly speaks,

"Let it be done, Neko. Let it be done."


As if a choir singing a tune that seems to happen on a cosmic and universal level. A tune that you cannot hear, but unmistakably cannot deny. It seems to unravel and mend. Slowly building and stretching. Almost as if to fill your mind and then ...


You awaken. Your entire flesh seems to crawl a bit. You look at yourself and you seem to be younger ... you can't tell for sure because of the dingy lighting. Something just does seem right. It's almost as if the air itself were alive.


... For more on this, contact your local Carlos ...
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