after many months of waiting... it's time again... time to rejoin the group and prepare for the adventures ahead! Old friends and new!

yeah I could definitely tell it's time... my locket has been going off everyday now... and I've been looking through some old drawings and drawing new ones...

::grin:: YAY!
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... Inspiration ...


Can you not feel the Moon calling?
Do you not feel the stiring in your veins?
The Angels stir deep within as if being awakened?
Every night, the call grows louder.
The dreams start to take on an entire new twist.
I feel the calling, but when?

"In the upcoming Apocalpsye, do you know where you stand?"

Name your song for a fight to come.
Name your song for the life you remember.
Name your song for the love you feel.
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... A Little bit of memory ...


It was a odd night ... that first night when we got a taste of things to come. You see, Doc, Charlie, Carlos and I, we each got on to running crew for the play of Dracula. Easy enough job. The set looked great thanks to us ... as well as lighting and sound. The actors were decent, but it was Dracula who took the cake. He exuded the presense needed for the part. In fact, many of the females were figting over him. It was amusing. But I digress...

The play was going great. We were right up to the part where Drac and Van Helsing meet for the first time. That's when things started going astray. The lead actress was missing. So the director sent Doc, Myself, and Charlie to look for her. Charlie and Doc started low and I started high. I climbed up through the rafters and catwalks and did not find her anywhere. I even checked the roof, but it was a no go. So, I decided to meet up with Doc and Charlie.

I found the basement, which had a room I had not seen before, but then again, it's an old building. So I opened it. There was only darkness. Not your normal "open up the door and let the light shine in partially" darkness. I mean Lasombra Darkness. As in, it filled up to the door way and not seeing in. That's when I heard the thunder outside and the down pour. Ominous much? So, I said to heck with it and walked in ... It was nice and cold.

When I got in there, I allowed My senses to reach out and I heard two male voices and two rather feminine voices as well. Since I was right by the door, I started feeling for the light. I then heard Doc say, "That feels good. Someone find a light so I can see who this is." As he said that, I felt the light switch and obligied them.

I should have kept it off.

... continued later ...
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